Thursday, 31 May 2007

Look what I bought!

This more-than-just-cute bottle cap girl is actually a button, and I bought her last Saturday from Circles are forever. I never expected her to arrive this quickly!
And, seller Kim was nice enough to throw in an extra little cap button! I love it!

They will both be pinned on my denim and coming with me when I pop into town this afternoon. I will be sure to take Kim's business cards with me in case anyone asks about them.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Business cards

Look what I've got! My very own business card! Woohooo!

(Oh, and if you'd like one, or a few to pass on to friends, please let me know!)

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Tag, I'm it!

According to this tag that's been spreading through Blogland, I should now give you 7 little known or interesting facts about myself... Hmm, let's see....

1. I am Dutch, but live in the UK.
2. I moved here almost a year ago, to live with my fiance.
3. I never liked Art class in school, yuck!!
4. I always considered myself more of a writer than a painter, lately I'm painting more than I write....
5. I love car boot sales! They don't have them in Holland, we only get to do a huge flea market every year for Queen's Day, but that's about it. I am now enjoying the car boots almost every weekend, looking for interesting things I could use to paint.
6. I started my Etsy shop with just painted pebbles, now I've got lots of different stuff, and I love it!
7. I would love a pet hedgehog.......

Riiight, so these are the lucky 7 I tagged...


Will you water the fridge for me?

I love car boot sales! You never know what little treasures you will find!

These two cute terra cotta watering cans were begging to be painted, and when I finished them, I figured they would make great magnets. So now you can use them to brighten up your fridge or message board.

For more pics, please visit Timeless, my Etsy shop!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Peg pirates

I know how hard it can be to shop for boys. They seem to already have all the cars they'll ever want, all the Lego, and after last year's disaster you definitely don't want to give little Joey another sword or toy that comes with batteries and lotsss of noise.

So how about something hand made? Something they can play with for hours and make up their own stories with?

These peg pirates will steal your little boy's (or hey, maybe even your girl's) heart!

Want these, looking for more than 6 pirates or maybe looking for different colours?
Come and have a look at Timeless, my Etsy shop.

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Saturday, 19 May 2007

And another one!

I was busy promoting a new set of eggcups on Etsy (will post them in a minute) when I noticed one of my featured items had disappeared. I figured it was something I did, I sometimes hit the stars without meaning to. I found the item I was going to post in the forums, did just that and then went to my email.

It wasn't until I saw there was an Etsy email in my inbox that I realized that my eggcups had not 'disappeared' but were actually sold!

Woooohoooo! Two in one day!!

Look what I just bought!

As soon as I had sold my eggcups, I bought this '4 in 1 zippered tissue-lip balm-key chain-business card holder' as its full name is. I had to have it! It's cow print! And not only that, it holds tissues (or phone!),lip balm, keys and business cards!

Happybee was sweet enough to put it up reserved for me, so I could wait for my buyer's Paypal check to come through without having to worry about someone else grabbing it before me....

Gotta love Etsy with all its lovely sellers!

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I just made my first eggcup sale! (My first of this year...) On Monday, these eggcups plus a custom made extra Cat on green will be shipped off to Australia!


And the best thing yet; it proves that promoting through the Etsy forums does work!

Friday, 18 May 2007

When things do not go according to plan.

The other day I bought myself a huge tube of pink paint and last night, I was ready to use it. I painted a lovely little picture frame, glitters and everything. I let it dry during the night and this afternoon I was ready to give it a lick of varnish, only to find out.... It ()&*^)(&N bleeds!


I've had this problem before with pink paint from a tube, and stupid me forgot to check this one before using it. I've now put 'NO VARNISH' on the tube, and have no idea when I'll use it again.

Look what I bought!

Etsy is not only perfect if you want to find a unique, handmade gift for someone you love or yourself, but some shops also carry supplies other people can use for their crafts and creations.

At My Stash you can find little bits and pieces Coco Black does not need anymore.

I can't wait! I'm already thinking of what to do with them!

More seahorses!

This picture frame, with the same seahorse design as on the eggcups, is perfect for your beach holiday pictures!

Come and see more detailed pictures at Timeless, my Etsy shop!

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These seahorses came about while doodling. I was just doing my usual curvy lines when all of a sudden, I had a little seahorse! Of course they had to be painted on eggcups!

The cups have got lots of glitter, too!

Come and see more pics at Timeless, my Etsy shop!

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Cats on cups

These cats on cups have already been sold (well, reserved for someone, and hopefully they will be on their way next week!), but if you like them, I could do them again for you. We could even have a chat about the colours you'd like.

Give me a shout through the 'convo's' at Timeless, my Etsy shop!

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Hard boiled egg, anyone?

My new 'obsession' is painting eggcups. They are miniature pieces of functional art and best yet, I love doing them! Even though the shape can sometimes be limiting, that in itself is a wonderful challenge.

These white eggcups with a fantasy Dutch blue (or 'Delfts blauw') decoration show off where I was born; Holland. So when you take these into your home, you will have a little bit of Holland.

Come and have a look at Timeless, my Etsy shop to see more pictures!

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You Rock!

Sometimes you just have to tell the people you love 'You Rock!' and what better way to tell them than to give them an actual rock to remind them day after day after day that they are special to you!

Come and have a look at Timeless, my Etsy shop to see more pictures, and... To maybe buy it so you can give it a new home!

It all started with pebbles....

As I said in my previous blog, my Etsy adventure started off with pebbles. Though this Moonrock is not one of my first ones, it is one I am very proud of. I love the way it turned out.

I first painted the pebble in a silver paint, and then added blue to the background and finally painted the moon in different shades of blue. I decorated the pebble with some silver stars and that was it!

I love my moonrock and I would love for it to find a home as I think it deserves that. You can use it for decoration, or as a lovely paperweight.

Go and have a look at Timeless, my Etsy shop, for more pictures!

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Thursday, 17 May 2007


Welcome to my Timeless blog, where I will show you my finished products as well as talk about the creative process and wonderful wonderful Etsy where I have my own shop.

Before anything, I think I should introduce myself.

My name is Eveline, I'm a 33 year old Dutch woman living in England. Last summer I moved from Holland to the UK so I could live with boyfriend Tye.

In school Arts was never my favourite subject. Yeah I liked messing about with paints, but it was never 'good enough' according to my teachers. I did not have any sense of scale, I always messed up the horizon in my drawings and it just never turned out 'just like the example'. I dropped Arts as soon as I could. Writing was more my thing anyway.

Late last summer I stumbled across some websites on rock painting. I was inspired! I could do that! Well, maybe not the detailed animals, but I sure could give it a go and see how it would turn out!

And guess what, I loved it. I spent hours and hours painting pebbles I bought from a local gardencentre (rather than hunting for my own especially in the rain..) and before I knew it, I had too many to even know what to do with.

'Why don't you try and sell them?' Tye suggested. And that's when I found Etsy, a website where you can sell and buy handmade items. I put a few pebbles in my shop and the next morning Tye woke me up (he works nights) telling me I sold my elephant! I was shocked! In a very, very good way.

After that I sold some other pebbles and have now also started painting on wood, and terra cotta items. The terra cotta have not made it to my shop just yet, but I am planning on listing them very soon.

Please feel free to have a look at Timeless and let me know what you think!

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