Sunday, 24 June 2007

Peg pirate sale

My peg pirates are bored at my house. Very bored. They have nobody to play with, and no treasure to steal from other pirates. They need a new home. Seriously. They do.


This sunday, the 24th of June, until midnight UK time, my peg pirates are on sale. Yes! You heard that right! They will be reduced to $8 which makes them an absolute steal!

Go to Timeless, my Etsy shop, and convo me 'Peg Sale' and I will adjust the price for you.

But hurry! There's only 9 hours left on this great sale!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Treasured bowls

My bowls have made it into a Treasury!!

Thank you so much Boutique Pink Designs!

Wanna see my knobs?

Doorknobs, obviously!

These four hand painted wooden doorknobs would be perfect for your little girl's cabinet, your bedside table, they would look great in your kitchen, brighten up your hallway, anywhere you can think of, really!

I found these four at a car boot sale, hand painted them, and sealed them with glossy varnish. If you'd like more than just four, I would be more than happy to look for the exact same size, or make you brand new ones. Just let me know!

For more pictures, and purchase, go to Timeless, my Etsy shop.

Thursday, 14 June 2007


When I was a little girl, my mum collected points from this juice that I used to drink (Roosvicee, full of vitamines, so it was good for me. ;) ) and ordered me a book in which I was the main character. My sister played a part in it too and so did my best friend in kindergarten (I told you I was only little!) It had something to do with a pile of sand in our street, and little men crawling out of it.

I was hooked to this story! I even remember that the book had a red cover and it had typed pages and the names of the three children were bold....

So I was thinking...

Maybe I should set up another Etsy shop, and sell personalized stories. Stories about the buyer's (grand-, step-, foster-, )child, maybe featuring their sibling or best friend. And the neighbour's dog. And their favourite food. And their favourite toy. Maybe I should have a questionairre for the buyer to fill out so I can make it even more personal than just naming the characters.

Do you think there's a market for something like that?

Bowls can be square!

These two square bowls are made from light monkey wood and painted in acrylics. The black makes the white pop, don't you think?

They would look great on your table, in the hallway, in your bedroom. You can keep your change in them, use them for potpourri, for the eggshells as they go great with these eggcups, or you can just use them for decoration.

Please remember that even though the bowls are sealed with several coats of varnish, it's still best to only use a damp cloth for cleaning.

Want to see more pictures? Want to purchase these bowls? Go to Timeless, my Etsy shop.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Dogs on cups!

After doing cat eggcups I of course had to do some dogs, too.

And here they are, two white dogs on a blue cup. Perfect for the dog lover's breakfast table! They are painted in acrylics and sealed with varnish, but I don't recommend washing them. Use a damp cloth to clean.

To see more pictures and to purchase, please visit Timeless, my Etsy shop.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

White on black cups

These four eggcups were a car boot sale treasure, which I have painted in black and a white fantasy design. The eggcups will give your breakfast table some extra style.

They are 3.5" / 9 cm high and painted in acrylics. They were sealed with varnish, but I don't recommend washing them. Use a damp cloth to clean.

Unfortunately, as these eggcups were not store bought, I can't add another cup if you're looking for more than just four. I can however copy this design to my standard eggcups if you'd like.

For more pictures, go to Timeless, my Etsy shop.

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