Saturday, 19 May 2007

Look what I just bought!

As soon as I had sold my eggcups, I bought this '4 in 1 zippered tissue-lip balm-key chain-business card holder' as its full name is. I had to have it! It's cow print! And not only that, it holds tissues (or phone!),lip balm, keys and business cards!

Happybee was sweet enough to put it up reserved for me, so I could wait for my buyer's Paypal check to come through without having to worry about someone else grabbing it before me....

Gotta love Etsy with all its lovely sellers!

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Blogger Nicole Solo said...

I bought one of these as a gift from happybee too!

Yesterday I was blog-tagged and now I am tagging you. According to the person who tagged me you are to list 7 little known or interesting things about yourself in your blog. Then you are to tag 7 other people.

You can check my blog to see what I mean

21 May 2007 at 18:29  

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