Thursday, 17 May 2007


Welcome to my Timeless blog, where I will show you my finished products as well as talk about the creative process and wonderful wonderful Etsy where I have my own shop.

Before anything, I think I should introduce myself.

My name is Eveline, I'm a 33 year old Dutch woman living in England. Last summer I moved from Holland to the UK so I could live with boyfriend Tye.

In school Arts was never my favourite subject. Yeah I liked messing about with paints, but it was never 'good enough' according to my teachers. I did not have any sense of scale, I always messed up the horizon in my drawings and it just never turned out 'just like the example'. I dropped Arts as soon as I could. Writing was more my thing anyway.

Late last summer I stumbled across some websites on rock painting. I was inspired! I could do that! Well, maybe not the detailed animals, but I sure could give it a go and see how it would turn out!

And guess what, I loved it. I spent hours and hours painting pebbles I bought from a local gardencentre (rather than hunting for my own especially in the rain..) and before I knew it, I had too many to even know what to do with.

'Why don't you try and sell them?' Tye suggested. And that's when I found Etsy, a website where you can sell and buy handmade items. I put a few pebbles in my shop and the next morning Tye woke me up (he works nights) telling me I sold my elephant! I was shocked! In a very, very good way.

After that I sold some other pebbles and have now also started painting on wood, and terra cotta items. The terra cotta have not made it to my shop just yet, but I am planning on listing them very soon.

Please feel free to have a look at Timeless and let me know what you think!

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