Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Creative challenge day 6

This week you can watch Big Cat Live on the BBC. It's a series on wild life in Africa that's been going on for years now. The crew has been following some of the big cats since they were cubs.

It's on every night for a week, and you can watch webcams 24/7. There's also a messageboard where people can interact with the crew. This year, the episodes on TV are live, and there are nightview camera's so you can watch the cats at night.

The series concentrates on lions, leopards and cheetahs, and this year, a cheetah they named Shakira is one of the big stars of the series. She's a single mum who gave birth to six cubs, one did not make it out of the den, and the other day, the trackers found her out in the tall grass with only three of her five surviving cubs. She was crying for her young, you could see the pain in her eyes.

For my Creative Challenge, I paused the programma en tried to draw her. I've never really done any of this drawing from life, but I really like the way it turned out.

(And for those wondering if I have been a good girl and done Day 5, yes I have. But what I did wasn't finished yet. I'm adding bits today and hopefully will be able to show you tomorrow.)

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