Sunday, 15 July 2007

I love your peg people...

....but I have no clue what to do with them.

Let's get the two obvious ones out the way first:

1. They will look great on your washing line, keeping your washing safe as it dries. How about ordering a whole bunch so you don't have to use your old ones or store bought ones anymore?

2. They make great toys. Children love the pegs to have lots of adventures with. Wouldn't it be great if you had peg people that resembled your family, or your child and their friends? There would be no end to the stories they would come up with.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, let's see what else we can do:

3. They are of great use when you want to stop eating those delicious crisps but don't want to end up with stale crispies. Just roll up the end of the bag and put a peg person to guard your crisps!

4. They can keep an eye on your paperwork, separating it from other paperwork. No more endless searching, your pegs will keep track of it.

5. They can keep your mail separated from that of your house mates or family members, which will work especially well if you will let me make pegs resembling your family or house mates.

6. They sure beat a simple name tag on the table to show your guests what the table setting is like. Again, this will work especially well if you will let me make pegs resembling your dinner guests. And they can take them home after dinner!

7. They make great party favors! Give me a theme to work with, weddings, Halloween, Christmas, and I will make you the required amount.

8. They are perfect to hang up all your birthday cards on a washing line in your room. Or to keep your favourite pictures up.

9. Let me make a bunch of pirates, vampires, or other 'scary pegs' which you can hand out during Halloween. Who said a treat had to be candy or fruit, right?

10. Pegs resembling your children (and maybe even the grown ups in your household) will look great on your family routing planner. This way everyone will know where little Joey has to be on Wednesday and that Dad will be out fishing on Sunday.

11. It gives you someone to talk to when the voices in your head don't want to listen.

12. You can always carry your friends and family around with you. This makes them wonderful for when your child is having a sleep over with friends but gets home sick easily, a fun present for those going off to college after summer, or in the unfortunate event of a stay in hospital.

13. No more worry dolls, these are 'good things that happened today'-dolls! Tell your peg people every night about all the good things that happened that day, and you'll be surprised just how great your days really are!

I am sure there are more brilliant ideas my fellow Etsians and other creative souls out there can come up with, but I thought these 13 were a good place to start. ;)


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