Monday, 3 September 2007

What to do with eggcups if you don't eat eggs?

So you like my eggcups, but you don't eat eggs. Or you prefer yours scrambled. Or pooched. Or sunny-side-up. Or... Well, anyway, you have no use for eggcups in the traditional way.

What else could you use them for?

* They make great candle holders. I know there are people here on Etsy who sell egg shaped candles (The Keepers House http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5004735 and Dbpeewee http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5215901 to name two) that will look great in my eggcups!

* Plant some tiny (fake if you prefer it) plants in them. This way you can have a little green in any room you can think of, even the bathroom.

* They make very good paper clip, push pin and elastic bands holders. Or any other tiny office supplies you can think of. They will brighten up your boring office space in no time!

* Let me make you some custom egg cups with the initials and favourite colours of your family and you can use them to show where everyone is sitting. No eggs needed, either as they can be purely decorative.

* Kids love them. They can play with two eggcups and some marbles for hours! Or use them as mugs for their dolls.

* Use them for your secret indulgent snacks. One eggcup of peanuts, banana chips or rainbow drops will make you feel less guilty for eating them. But since eggcups usually come in pairs, two will not do you any harm either....

* Use them for decoration. Start or continue a collection. In fact: collect all my eggcups and make me very happy!

Here are the eggcups I currently have in my shop, but please remember that I love custom orders and it would be my pleasure to make you a cup (or two, or twelve, or however many you'd like) in your favourite colour or theme.


Also check out my sold eggcups to get an idea of what I could do for you:



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