Sunday, 27 January 2008

One Skein Scarf (short)

This was an ‘oops, I made a scarf’ experience. I was trying to save this project for when travelling at the end of this week. But then I thought, hmm, as this is the first time ever I will be working from an actual pattern instead of following someone on YouTube, I will test it first so I don’t get stuck while on the train.

I started chaining a few stitches, then figured it was too short to do anything with once finished and ended up chaining 50” worth of stitches. It’s now a very nice length, almost the same as a normal neck tie.

It was done within 3 hours, and I’m very proud of it. I wore it the next day and I’ve had two people ask me where I got that cute scarf. To get to tell them ‘I made it’ felt wonderful!

(The pattern for the One Skein Scarf by Denise Cozzitorto can be found here and in the Stitch 'n Bitch : Happy Hooker book by Debbie Stoller.)

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Blogger Becks said...

Well done, it looks great! The One Skein Scarf was one of my first projects, too. :)

3 February 2008 at 02:21  

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